Small moves;
Quiet smiles;
Mischievous beckons
My memories.


Last Chance Campground
Leaf study near river

Sometimes it is good to stop looking at the sweeping mountain vistas and focus in on small moments.  These small moments allow my mind and body to breathe.

I sat by the river one day when my husband and I were camping at our favorite place, Chance, in between McCall and New Meadows, Idaho.  Most of the time, until recently, we were by ourselves with the exception of the camp host.

Now days, the campground is quite full.  It seems it has been discovered.  Anyway, the camp-host was a lovely gentleman.  He grew up in the area and played in this very place.  His best friend’s family owned the land until it became a part of public land and campgrounds.  He told me one day I would make a good hippie.  I laughed.

He would talk to my husband and I; tell stories.  He lived once in a commune.  He even once asked if we would like to be the next hosts.  We could go with him to the Ranger Station and he would help us start the process and recommend us.  As much fun as that seems, my husband and I were obviously not in a place where we could be camp-host.

There is a new camp-host now, and time moves forward.  There is just something quite magical about that place.  You see, this simple leaf study, brings out enormously beautiful memories.   All it took were the small moves; moving along the shape and line of a few leaves near a river.

paint much love, always,
Connie Karleta Sales
a.k.a. This Crooked Little Flower

leaf study, 2" x 3", ink, graphite, pastel, cotton, ©CKS 2010
leaf study, 2″ x 3″, ink, graphite, pastel, cotton, ©CKS 2010
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