Let’s Just Have Fun Today

I will never give up. Digital Photography, ©CKS, 2016

Frilly girl
Who loves wearing

Where did your flowers go?

Frolicking dresses’
Ruffle smiles;
Rarely letting it show.

Rock it, 
Rock it; Claude!
Let’s have fun today.

Rock it,
Rock it, Claude!
Own it; now and always.

I love dresses.  I love shoes.  I embrace an eclectic sense of style.  I was the Tom Boy in dresses.  Don’t mind me, in my dresses I so love, I will climb that tree, ride that bike, and make mud-pies with the best of them.

If anybody believes I will give up on my dreams, goals, aspirations, likes, and desires, then they just don’t know me.  I do not give up.  My life has been full of tragedy, grief, and loss.  My life also fills with light and beauty.  It is what you make of it.  Accepting my limitations, frees my being; feeling weightless on this dirty path called life.

I said I wanted to have fun.  That just did not happen last week.  This week I make it a point to share a physical change of attitude.  This weekend was particularly tough.  My heart rate and my blood pressure were up and down, making it difficult to catch a breath.  My left side of my body was half asleep; felt creepy, uncomfortable.  Sharp pains ran up my calf; my left hip was rigid and on fire.  Same up the left side of my neck, ear, into my head. Pressure/spasm at my diaphragm; strange wormy, sporadic sensations.  Truth ~ it sucked! There is nothing else to say.

I could stay there.  Did I?  Nope.

Rock It! Own It!, Digital Photography, ©CKS, 2016
Rock It! Own It!, Digital Photography, ©CKS, 2016

I have a friend, Colleen; she once talked about hiking in her make-up.  There is no reason not to enjoy what you love.  She loves hiking.  She loves make-up.  She loves girly things.  She is also a powerful woman.

I love being a girl; always have.  I love girly things.  I also love being tough; which is why I love  combat boots with my dresses.  Sometimes I love wearing ties, vests, skirts, and heals, or  yes, boots.

Since my body had its major power outage, as I like to call it, my clothing choices ran for the hills.  Amazing how something as simple as a clothing choice can make you feel like rockin’ it, or make you feel bummed.

The bummed is where I resided for a while.  Tennis shoes while practical were uncomfortable to me.  The more my feet and legs ache, the more I looked for cushy shoes. My “blue suede shoes” I adored are now in some else’s closet.

Second item; socks!  My socks were leaving horrible marks, and it hurt.  So, we bought non-binding socks; extra cushy!  My shoes are Claude-hoppers, and I endearingly named them, Claudes!

Honestly, most of my clothing and shoes now reside in someone else’s home.

Why?  I fell into the rut of, “I can’t wear what I want anymore.”  Uncomfortable, unable, or impractical.  Isn’t that just a fine position;  a luxury problem as some might say.  Who cares?  Then I pester myself for being bummed at having to give up certain clothing choices.

I felt boring.  I felt uncomfortable.  I am the girl who used to tug at her clothes; pull them until they fit as I wanted.  I’m picky.  I admit it.  How this relates to life in general; a major life-altering event.  Life has changed.  It still is.  I am uncomfortable. Period.  It is still new.  I am adjusting.  Days are littered between using the walker, crutches, or canes.  At the same time, there is much gratitude.  I want this gratitude to shine instead.

letshavefun connie karleta sales
Let’s have some fun, Claude!, digital photography, ©CKS, 2016

Recently, I had a good giggle and an awesome reminder.  An amazing story showed up in my Medium.com feed.  Her name was Amy, and at the end of her story this woman mentioned that she could rock her neon tennis shoes and a dress like no other.  I have linked to her medium profile to give proper credit.  She is inspiring!  Everyday I look around and am inspired at how resilient and beautiful this world is; full of people doing amazing things to make this world keep turning.  Empowering!

I had to giggle.  Here am I, looking down at my Claude-hopper shoes, and I think to myself, why not?  Why can’t I too, rock my Claudes and whatever I want to put with it?!  Whether it is shorts, a skirt, or a dress, yes, I can too, rock it!  whatever the it is, let’s Rock it! like we own it! all of us!

The universe always provides.  Thankful for my make-up hiking friend, and thankful for the girl who rocks her tennies and a dress!  The world is full of beautiful people, sharing their amazing journey.

The elephant in this room today is my new tricycle!  We have a bit to go.  My hubby is going to bolt a pair of old sandals onto the pedals for toe-clips to ensure my feet remain safely on the pedals.  After that, we will wait for a cool day, go to a parking lot, and begin learning to ride again.  Bicycles are magical.  Thank you to the thrift store that just happen to have this lovely creature.  Her name is Princess!  For today, she has a special place in our living room, and we got to take our picture with her!

Dreams are those rare moments allowing us to know we are more than we could ever imagine.  And to never, ever, ever! give up!

paint much love, always,
Connie Karleta Sales
a.k.a. This Crooked Little Flower

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Rock It! Own It!, Digital Photography, ©CKS, 2016
Rock It! Own It!, Digital Photography, ©CKS, 2016