Adapting is as much an art as art itself.

Take away all the senses,
The weight,
My body does not respond

It neither speaks
nor whispers

in a creep
down in the sinew
through muscle
to bone.

My body then speaks
I know this!
I am home.

Not always is it so easy; and getting discouraged is common.  I am so thankful for now having a doctor who encourages and confirms my being.  Reminds me that discouragement is quite okay and very normal.

So is living.  She reminds me this is cool too.  I am, at times, almost embarrassed by my desire to live.  What a crazy thought, huh!  Thank goodness for friends and doctors willing to help you out of such things!

Moving forward, I share with you these two videos in the raw.  Friends suggested I video and share the journey.  I was introduced to many types of holders, and none were quite right for me. I designed my own.

Weakness, fatigue, and lack of certain sensation are my problems.  As you can see from the first to last, you can hear my voice and see my marks showing signs of such things. With help, working time is extended.  For me, this is vital.

My life revolves around language; a visual language.  Beyond anything, it has always been a survival tool; even before I was in kindergarten.  I think for many this is so.  A means of communication and connection with your world around you.  Without it, life narrows.

I share what I did, and now the task is to create a more permanent version.  Yeah!
So, if you are out there.  Don’t be shy.  Invent what you need if you have to.  This here is out of tape I had around the house.  Ask for help.  Help will come.

Tears of purity I have right now.
The right tool for the right job is our focus.

paint much love, always, my world.  You know I love you,
Connie Karleta Sales
a.k.a. This Crooked Little Flower

the art of adaptation, documentation image, ©CKS 2016
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