indecent extreme
steadfast and immovable; I

Fib. Poetry and Portraiture

Self Portrait
Flaws to Flawless
Perfect is not perfection

Stubborn, extreme, yes.  immovable, steadfast; yes.  All things in the good, the difficult, and down right ugly.

A wise and beautiful friend once said it was my stubbornness which brought me to today. It is what got me here.  What keeps me here.

Is it always pretty?  No. Is it my responsibility to try and always make it pretty and comfortable for you?  No.  My struggles belong to me.  Your struggles belong to you.

I struggle up the sidewalk.  It is painful, I know, for those near me to stand and not simply say, “how about a ride.”  a.k.a. wouldn’t it be easy if you just sat in your rollator and let us pull you?’

No, it would not; not always anyway.  Sometimes, I must listen, because my loved ones see things I do not, or refuse.  It is a balance, and finding that balance is not easy.  Worth it; completely.

Allowing each other’s struggle is a gift.  Walk slow walk with other.  Patience. How do we do this? messy.

paint much love, always,
Connie Karleta Sales
a.k.a. This Crooked Little Flower

*See Me Beautiful, 6″ x 4″, ink, graphite, paper, ©CKS