Misty frollicks
of fondness
linger; a heart’s
indelible ink;
we wear with
inner smiles
to share


Hair Candy
Mountain Memory
Leave No Trace

In 2011, I worked part-time as an Interpretive Specialist along the Snake River in Idaho. A particular emphasis was placed on teaching visitors how to “take the memory, and not the object.”  This was taught with the fairly well known concept of “Leave No Trace.”

As we attempt not to leave our mark upon the land in order it may be enjoyed by future generations, this does not mean the experience leaves no mark on us.  What do we do with this?  How do we share it?  So often, we do wish to share the excitement of what our eyes held; our noses scent, our ears heard.

How do we capture it?  How do we hold it close?  One way, paint it in a memory. Share it as “hair-candy”.

This mountain memory above is super special.  I painted this after September 2015. After what most likely was a transverse myelitis; leaving me with the task of re-learning how to walk, how to write, how to. . . you name it, I am working on it.

This is one way I decided to keep sharing intimately with you, and keep learning; teaching myself the art of small moves with beautiful impact.

Memory studies; emotional passions of places I visited, painted, and drew.  Places like New Mexico and the Penesco Valley.  My spirit home, as I call it.

Las Trampas, NM, photography, CKS, 2015
Las Trampas, NM, photography, CKS, 2015

I knew I was home when I came here.  I can’t explain it.  I am not from New Mexico; no ancestry.  As a student, years ago, I painted at Las Trampas almost daily.  At that time, the caretaker taught me the history.  The kids would get off the bus from school and bring me various insects.  They would tell me about their insects and I would share and tell them about my drawings.  This place left an idelible mark upon on my soul.
Let us share; together; intimately, and

Paint much love, always,
Connie Karleta Sales
a.k.a. This Crooked Little Flower


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