neither I sit;
restless I tremble.

water’s silence
spring parades

in the shade-cast room
behind glass veiled curtain

I, road of forgotten
dreaming fingers

where we are

I opened the door open today.  One thing at a time.

Brush teeth. Shower.  Beauty in simple tasks not so easy.

Dishes.  Food.  Water.  Bird song and a bee.

This is where we are.  When your world is turned upside down, what do you do with it?

paint much love, always,
Connie Karleta Sales
a.k.a. This Crooked Little Flower

Posted by:Connie Karleta Sales

artist, poet, educator, public speaker, founder of This Crooked Little Flower, and thriver!

8 replies on “Day 12: Where We Are

  1. Connie, peace to you on your continued journey into healing and better health. This is your craft: art/heartwork.

    1. Thank you. your comment means a lot. at first peek, your work is stealth with raw beauty. look forward to reading more.

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