Breath of our Heavens
Lay hands upon us.

Sweat giving creatures
Wounded in brittleness;
Expansive hearts
Bare blistered feet.

Covered in muck
Trudging in mire

Breathe in our Heavens;
Dig it deep, lung-breasted!

Breathe in, our Heavens,
Lay hands upon you.

stitched into a continuum
of emotions.

Covered in your labors,
Trudging upright
Heads held
Eyes meeting.

Breath of our Heavens
Presence within us!

Love into (y)our beauty
Collective experiences
Like meadow meeting sky.


Thank you for sharing this good walk.  Your reflections create magical peace within my heart as my hands reach for living lines of color, shape, and texture.  Beauty brightens into madness and frenzies itself into the flux of electricity.

I am inspired, encouraged, and taught by you, the collective you of the universe.  I love you; never forget.

paint much love, always,
Connie Karleta Sales
a.k.a. The Crooked Little Flower

© Connie Karleta Sales All Rights Reserved
Breathe, detail, graphite, hand-made ink, charcoal, paper, ©CKS