The Psalmist

My heart tapers.
Rest becomes life;
Night genuflects day.


Intimate grove of trees
across a rolling field
in the Pacific Northwest.

The Palouse is a magnificently vibrant region in the Pacific Northwest that encompasses parts of North Central Idaho and Southeast Washington.   My lasting memory is of the rolling agricultural hillsides as we drove the highway.

My first visit to the Palouse was with my husband as we set out on a two week camping trip through northern Idaho and parts of Washington.  As per our nature, we set a general direction and smiled at what would come.

Here in the quiet of early evening, I looked out and simply enjoyed the quiet of this little grove of trees and the strange silhouette of the swaying vegetation in the breeze.  Night is full of life, just like day.  Deceptively blurred.   I caught the moment in the gesture of a whisper, before the sun was completely at rest, and the sky glimmered with stars.

paint much love, always,
Connie Karleta Sales
a.k.a. This Crooked Little Flower

Pacific Northwest, 2" x 1 1/2", ink, graphite, charcoal, paper, CKS, 2010
Pacific Northwest, 2″ x 1 1/2″, ink, graphite, charcoal, paper, CKS, 2010