There is an hour the damage undone.

You only thought you covered me in stain.
You only thought you were the only one there.

You blinked! And love walked in!

He covered my blanket of stain
With the sweetness of dew in first light.

Oh, you were there, and so was He.

From The Rainmaker and the Flower


For most of my life, I was a shadow; wrapping myself so tightly in the images of others, I sacrificed any dignity just to breathe. Today, my work is a passionate and seductive theatrical dance; story-telling; yours and mine.

It is an in-stinct for survival; abiding and ephemeral studies of experi-ence. I can feel the quiet. I listen to the voice of the draw-ing. In observation I find truth; and in truth; are the trans-cendent stories of building beauty in our world.

This girl has a new home and wish her and her new family joy and many thanks!  I will miss you girl! Enjoy your ever expanding journey.

paint much love, always, 
Connie Karleta Sales
a.k.a. This Crooked Little Flower