Happy New Year 2018! What’s New, part I

Dear Friends,

2017 proved to be breathtaking in more ways than one! Artistically and Physically:  mind, body, and soul:

Artistically I continued stepping out of my comfort zone.  Crossin(G)enres  *C(G)*  is one of the publications I have come to call a second home online as well as the many heart framilies I love there.

  • This year I am spreading my little Medium wings.  Not only have I committed myself to publishing regularly, I will be an editor (nervous grins) for a companion publication to C(G) focused on photography and the Visual Narrative.Free and open to the amateur photographer and ultra-skilled alike,  I am looking forward to learning, experiencing, and conversing in pictures! Thank you Allan! for this opportunity to collaborate.

This year I was honored to become a part of the dk Gallery of artists!  Donna and her team welcomed me with open arms, and I look forward to building more friendships and connections in 2018.  Thank you dk!

  • February will be the 10th anniversary of Romance of the Nude and Figure at dk, and I look forward to celebrating the month of February honoring Romance and Love with new figurative work debuting in this dk Gallery tradition! While dk celebrates a decade of art on Marietta Square, I celebrate my 1 year anniversary of being a part of such fun-loving talent. 
beautiful in situ from a new collector through dk Gallery

Physically, this year I had some set backs. Since March I have been a full time wheelchair user and if you have not met Pinkie, please say hello! A myriad of issues related to the new norms of an illusive disease.

I #amwriting #poetryinpictures even if #wheelsatemyboots


Pinkie Flower Feather and myself drawing the Appalachian Forest!

Why is this so important?  Well, rising costs of treatment, assistance, and adaptive equipment to keep me a truckin’ on! And, the gift of contemplating goals and simplifying life.

To meet both of these needs I have one, cut back on commitments and am learning how to practice being more gentle and compassionate with myself.  A gift to practice integrity with word, intention, and action.  and, two:


  • If you simply enjoy my drawings and reading my poetry online via the various social media outlets I use, AND wish to give a little support to ensure its continuing you can! Please, PayPal.Me as often as you wish:  CrookedLittleFlower

Today the air was crisp and glitters here in the Appalachian Forest.  I hope wherever you are right now, you are safe and know you are loved by me.  I appreciate your continued encouragement and support.  I could not do any of this without you.

You bring a smile to my face and a deep sustained thunder within my heart.  Your tears wash with my tears.  Your laughter mixes with my grins.

Now, to cook some dinner.  Next week, I shall write and tell you all of the other exciting things coming in 2018 to Crooked Little Flower Studios.

Much love this holiday season! May the coming year be what you need of it and exceed your wildest dreams!

paint much love, always,
Connie Karleta Sales
a.k.a. This Crooked Little Flower