F.r.o.g.s. in Residence: When canning tomatoes became art

Symphonies sharing their success canning
Kinetic tomatoes;
I, participant became;
Noiseless; a hushed beholden to life joining art.

after Tracy Hicks, Third Ward Archive, 1996, 2002, Project Row Houses, Houston, TX
Journal from the Archive, 2002

Tracy taught young mothers to can food
skin, as in the hand of friendship
art, as in sharing

I believe Tracy discovered himself through his art.  He traced himself in his curiosity. He learned to love himself within each element of his teaching, play, wonder, and installations.  He always reminded me that making art was joyous.

I believe Tracy met you and cared for you through his curiosity; his art.  Life was not separate.  There are no words to capture this which was his essence.

How else to share this nature but with his own words, “canning tomatoes became art.”

Our skin, friendships. Life, shared. Art beyond the surface of beauty.  Art in the action of love and honesty.

Tracy himself canned food.  He shared and he loved.

We share, and we love.  That is the nature of F.r.o.g.s.

paint much love, always,
Connie Karleta Sales
a.k.a. This Crooked Little Flower

Connie Karleta Sales

artist, poet, educator, public speaker and thriver! Smiles and unpaved roads are the way I roll :D