Feel into me, love says

I AM the color of water

Whaling I AM lost; when
At calamity, edges float off the
Timeless music’s
Elicit intoxications; not
Resident; unhoused and forgotten.

Wail I AM; lost not when
At calamity’s vapors, because edges of the
Timeless music’s
Elixir intoxicates not
Resigns; and we shelter the forgotten.

I am the color of communion

Acrostic Golden Shovel Poetry by Connie Karleta Sales
Amphibian studies by Tracy Hicks as a SARF Fellow
When the music’s not forgotten by Deadman

We are FROGS in residence.

paint much love, always,
Connie Karleta Sales
a.k.a. This Crooked Little Flower

*Feature image by Connie Karleta Sales; bedside photography, plastic bag, handmade journal by John Hartom, sun, Appalachian forest from my window; based on Spiritual Communion in the St. Augustine’s Prayer Book for the water mini-challenge in Snap Shots (links open in new tab).

*Water by Connie Karleta Sales, sun, plastic bag, handmade journal by John Hartom, Appalachian Forest from my window, tone drum played by Connie, drum made by Magus Drums of North Carolina.

*Amphibian Studies by Tracy Hicks, SARF Fellowship, photography by Tracy, music by Deadman (Copyrighted, permission to be used on youtube, as long as they can monetize, means, may be ad) (Tracy’s work shared with permission given previously).

dedicated to all working for justice, peace, inequality, safety; in the feeding, sheltering, empowering, speaking, and loving. You are the color of water. thank you so very much.