January 2019

What a beginning!
I am quite smitten with my new means of working;
mouth-drawing and digital drawing/etching

Speaking of Beginnings – Haiku Hub published this Haiku about Newness in Haiku This!  – Percussions underfoot

Prayer for the Sentient, Percussions underfoot by Connie Karleta Sales

Life Process Honesty
in case you missed your weekly dose of art & life.

I am not going to lie; the past year, difficult; 2019; still difficult. Life is not easy or glamorous. Thank goodness I get the opportunity to practice truth. Truth does set me free; I crave it and always want more of it.

Sangha is currently studying a book together; The Wise Heart by Jack Kornfield. My needs are cared after. No sooner than I get myself into a funk, than here comes a book with words my body absorbed as a lovely warm bubble bath; my soul exhales.

My goals adjusting. I knew I set an ambitious schedule and dream; that’s okay, and its okay I am editing as I go. Simplifying and saying no, and saying yes to what really calls my heart and fills me up.

With that said, it does not alter The Studio’s first Zine – to be published May 9th; my birthday!

Crooked Little Flower Studios, Zine issue #1
We are Individuals within the otherness of each other

Call for entries


Until next month,
paint much love always,
Connie Karleta Sales
a.k.a. This Crooked Little Flower