June | July | August

Dear friends,
Summer is here. I hope it meets you where you need to be,
and brings a bit a peace among the blooms,
green, or in the stillness of desert sun.

This last month has been difficult. I am not gonna lie. I feel a bit overwhelmed in life at the moment. Losing my website, and getting much of it back (thankful). And, these technological hurdles are minor frustrations.

The big stressors are in life. My life saving treatment I receive every 6 months, which has proven invaluable, was unexpectedly cut-off for the time being. We are working on what will hopefully be a solution, but it takes time and paperwork.

These are things people deal with everyday. This is common in healthcare. It invokes fear, sadness, grief, and more unknown. I do not think there is one person who does not know these feelings in one way or another.

My energy, my voice have been waining. I am using Elektra, my electronic other half full time now (mostly). My family for the most part understands my garbled speech, and I like speaking it. why, simply because it is hard to accept Elektra. She is a gift, and I place that before my eyes. She is such a gift of communication, and simultaneously, she is a reality, and that reality is not one I fully accept yet.

My heart grieves and stands with friends also in very difficult places in life. My heart grieves and stands with a world in desperate places. Violence and inhumanity.

I need a break. I am both excited and insecure in this new digital path of my art and writing. I feel a bit lost and overwhelmed, and also thrilled and “rock on!”.

I am taking a bit of a sign at the moment from our very rural and rocky, unstable internet connection. Blogging this year has been great. This format suits my art and my outlook in sharing the everyday Creative.

In March, I had the pleasure of meeting three wonderful people from Microsoft. and, I have some new creative studio equipment to get to know. I am beyond thankful, and beyond excited.

In my personal communications, I have learned my desire to find solutions is helpful to others and I am glad. my new equipment will allow me to create easier, and share easier. and oh the places I will roam.

We had a wonderful studio tour at the beginning of June. I look forward to December. I need a bit of solitude. A bit of self-created stay-home-retreat. to renew and take care of my heart.

I will not be 100% away. I will share (mostly Instagram), just not as often. June, July, August will be sleepy months of hopefully getting the treatment I need, and diving headstrong and deep into my developing creative path, and emerging ready for us to really be together again.

With that, the Call is Open for the 2nd Edition of the Studio Zine. the deadline for submissions is Friday August 9th, 2019.

Poetry, creative non-fiction, visual art, essay; the media accepted is open. Keep in mind this is print media. The theme for this edition is mental health and suicide prevention. What are your personal experiences. you can email your submissions to:
crookedlittleflower (at) gmail (dot) com by August 9th. Emailing your submission constitutes your willingness to be published in the Studio Zine, and that you are the creator and have sole copyright of your work.

With that, I am speaking the same words Microsoft spoke to me recently. . . Thank you for continuing to inspire (me). (I) can’t wait to see what you create.

Thank you for continuing to inspire (me). (I) can’t wait to see what you create. In addition, I would like to say thank you to TeamGleason and Acapela for helping me with a custom voice for my eyegaze/AAC device. And Sketchable, a lovely drawing app, they are very responsive folks in my questions and musings. Thank you everyone, supporting, encouraging, and walking this path with me.

paint much love, always, more to come,
happy, summer season of creativity and rest,
Connie Karleta Sales
a.k.a. This Crooked Little Flower

I love you world, never forget.


    1. ahh, Tre, your heart is so big. I am okay, just tired, frustrated. you know how insurance and the medical industry can be. argh, they make me so mad. my energy is just depleted. So much in this crazy world. I don’t want to discount all the good. I have so much to be thankful for. I feel guilty for feel depressed and frustrated. I am thankful for the Creative. and community and love. most certainly sees me through. I also feel the need for raw honesty. where we can be okay and not okay simultaneously. I think you know what I mean. summer is hard anyway. heat/humidity make getting outside almost impossible. I get very cabin fevered. lol. I realized. I need to quiet and comfort my soul ❤

      1. I want your soul quieted. I hope more than anything that everything pans out the way that it should. We send our love.

  1. Dear Connie – I will be reading your little booklet (thank you again) and praying for you during this quiet time. 💕💕💕💕helen

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