ART Bus Dreaming Sooo Close

the Crooked Little Flower Studios traveling ART BUS!!!!!
A dream long time coming.

and I need your help. I need your prayers, your positive vibes, your collective vision boarding, anything you got. We are soo very close. We are looking at two vans one of which we hope will become the Crooked Little Flower Studios traveling ART BUS!!!!! A dream long time coming.

My probable first choice. is in truly great shape. very low mileage which is hard to find, and they brought the price down to 11.5K for us.

Van #1 – only 84K miles!

Kicker is it would be hard to finance because of its age, we have 5K to put down. but if no bank will finance we need to come up with another 5.5K.

My second choice, is very nice. It has more mileage, but not too many. It has a nice set up, and if in the future I was able to get the right hand controls and drive, it already has the set up, it just needs the right hand controls. This one is 8K. so we are not far off, but still need 3K to make the deal.

van # 2 – 130K miles – but partially already equipped if I am able to drive again,-Side-entry-Lift,-6-Way-Driver-Transfer-Seat/


My art bus dream has been around for well before I was married. My initial dream was to convert a small school bus into an art studio and living space. I always saw so much potential in the public spaces where food could grow, and be available to everyone at all times.

Planting things that work well with the natural climate of an area or already grow wild in a place helps ensure the edible feasts to thrive without much upkeep or none at all.

My plan was to take my bus from place to place and fund the project by painting the people and activities along the way and having a big party and the funds raised would get me to the next place, and so on and so forth.

I was hungry a lot as a child, and no one should ever be hungry.


Today, my Art Bus dream has changed a bit, but the overriding idea of going place to place and sharing in the Creative Process with others remains the same.

I want to share with as many people as I can. To speak, to create, together in those Creative Conversations; empowering and loving each other.

And we are on the verge of another beginning. These vans are immediately functional and also a blank slate to evolve and grow.


Your prayers are needed

Your positive vibes are needed

Collective envisioning energy, is needed


Making up the financial shortfall is needed

  • Sponsorship – Would you or someone you know like to sponsor, or (a company or organization) part of the Art Bus and its endeavors?
  • Buy Art – Work is available through dk Gallery or if you are local you can come to the studio
  • – you can donate directly in any amount to support the Art Bus –
  • Share – please share far and wide – viral is viral – and it works . Big Hugs!

Can you help Crooked Little Flower Studios in her dreaming? I look forward to meeting you out on the open road. Thank you.

In case we are meeting for the first time, here is a bit of my story: Connie’s Story

***Update – We are up to $6.5K thanks to you guys thus far!!!!! We will keep updating and when she comes comes, Art Bus, we will have a big party and Art Bus Blessing to enjoy and say thank you! Please, keep up the sharing, thanks!

***Update – We are at 7K now! thank you so much! You have know idea the difference you are making in this Crooked Little Flower’s life, not just personally but in the dream and desire to creative converse and connect with others through art.

paint much love, always,
Connie Karleta Sales
a.k.a. This Crooked Little Flower

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