We shall find Peace as We Draw

Stop the violence. Be the peace. Stop the violence. Be with peace. In the breathing Rest in me. In the breathing  Rest with me. Stop the violence. Be the peace. CKS

A mission of love, nakedness as a prayer

I am a shadow hollow reflections real ; object inside of me; I prayed I didn’t die. Essence of me; dying but a shadow. CKS

(s)eeing the (s)uperhero

her graphite lips and charcoal fingers, stain the paper with her heart. self-portrait inner-strength outer-fortress CKS

Covered Heart soul standing, 20 x 16, ink, graphite, charcoal, paper, unframed

Covered Heart Soul Standing

The rain falls hard on her shoulders but not her face. She needs to hear her strength. Self Portrait Mirror Observation Memory Study CKS

she is the reason i speak, 34" x 14", charcoal, ink, graphite, pigment, paper, ©CKS

Late September, 1994

My nights are incomprehensibly long without reprieve. "If only," I whisper, "I could find peace." I am drained of all sense of reason. I know the time has arrived I willfully prepared for and have been patiently waiting for my exhaustion to reach out of me. CKS