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Brave House Secrets, Exhibition View, image courtesy Track 13 Gallery

Brave House Secrets

Purpose: Breaking Barriers of Shame; Celebrating Life

She stands as a living testament of not only surviving sexual and psychological violence, but thriving in the raw-honesty of the healing process; felling barriers of isolation and shame.

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In the Being of the Great I AM, Visio Divina, Connie Karleta Sales

In the Being of the Great I AM

Purpose: Dance within the Sacred through Visual Contemplative Prayer

With spirit I am alive. I move. I dance. I speak. I feel. Life is the eternity already existing, therefore, I am not on a journey; I am journey; breathing and dancing within LOVE unbridled. Space where we are held as individuals, and together within community; raw-nakedness perfectly flawed.

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Landscape and Memory, photo credit, Nikki Leonard, 2016

Landscape and Memory

Purpose: Art as Experience, A Sense of Place

creating long-term interest and
engagement in Historical preservation
through plein air landscape painting.

Communities, that engage their members, preserve and protect both culture and object for future enjoyment, study, interpretation, and relationship; ultimately improving overall quality of life for all members.

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