Connie Karleta Sales, Studio, 2019


Driven by a desire to engage in the feast of the creative process, the communion of conversation, and the actions of love, CROOKED LITTLE FLOWER STUDIOS is home to the work of Connie Karleta Sales.

PURPOSE: through art and poetry, inviting others to lean deeply; finding their own story and voice within the creative process

Connie Karleta Sales is a contemporary figurative artist and poet; currently working in digital media. Her line quality is created out of experience, and composition emerges as the woven words of a heart’s beat. Drawing her words within observation she find’s truth, and in truth, Connie finds the transcendent stories of building beauty in her world.

Fragile and strong, her art echoes the vulnerability and resilience of the human soul. It slips between the thin spaces in our lives and emerges as beauty out of ash. Today, beyond the ash of torn bits of papers past rises drawing as living beings; words breathing as phoenix in redemption song.

I draw my words.
Zappa painted music; I write drawings.
I survived sustained abuse, cancer, and now live within the new norm of a systemic, neuromuscular disease. I use the creative process to connect people; one piece of art at a time, and engage Creative Conversations with organizations and institutions. Life is a passionate dance of experience, prayer, struggle, questioning, and joy. I am the house poetry built.