Child, Cave of Loneliness

what she knew was
the child was silently dying
the child died silently
silently the child passed on.

How did I feel, a little girl;
and this little girl silently passed?

I felt afraid. I felt gravity;

I felt the gravity of silence as a chaotic blurring of stillness. CKS

F.r.o.g.s. in Residence, part II

“Did I ever tell you my dream? No?”

This dream remained whispering within my sight as colorful smoke lingers within the dance of fireworks.

Under the auspices of Crooked Little Flower continues the Artist Residency started by Tracy Hicks. A gift of time, short term residencies focused on personal and collaborative experimentation. CKS

Bone Soaked

I am bone soaked
exhaustion of the well;

doubling down
all or all
no turning.

I am bone soaked
drifting down forward

night’s grief
walking frays
portrait parched.

I am bone soaked;
softly kiss my soul.


We are F.r.o.g.s. in Residence, Part I

In 2013, Tracy started what he shared with me as the development of “his legacy”; an artist residency with a particular emphasis on the gift of time. 

He just began; casually.  Inviting friends to come and enjoy what the Appalachian Mountains, his friendship and mentorship, community, and his food had to offer. 

The time was yours to work.  Solitude or community was your choice. CKS