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Enjoy the art and poetry of these tiny paintings as I travel enjoying a sense of place

take the memory not the object
leave no trace.
where the green things grow; “en la fresca”

Green things gift me with the knowledge that there is reason to hope; even in the tough times. I fell in love with plein-air landscape painting while studying in Taos, NM at the Fort Burgwin Research Center. With roots as an archaeological field school, it added a music conservatory, art program, and now, is a full extended campus for Southern Methodist University.

I began painting miniature in 2005; finding it at first practical (personally and environmentally); then it became Divine inspiration as each tiny painting connects you and I in such intimate proximity.

Plein-Air is a fancy term for “open air”, borrowed from the French. It simply means I enjoy painting in the outdoors; soaking in the desert cliffs, mountain vistas, quiet meadows, or wherever my husband and I may roam.

In 2013, this ongoing journey led me to enjoy sharing this part of my artistic life by participating and winning the Boise Plein Air Art Competition in Boise, ID. Celebrating Boise’s 150th Birthday with the Iconic Egyptian Theater!

I am a person who belongs on earth. We are one as humanity. I pray my landscapes satiate us all in the knowledge and power of community.

Mother Earth in all her glory has endurance and capacity beyond all imagination. She is stressed, dejected, and humiliated just as we humans are bullied. She teaches me this endurance and resilience. She teaches me compassion, and beauty. I will do my part to take care of her as she takes care of me.

I share her beauty.

paint much love, always,
Connie Karleta Sales
a.k.a. This Crooked Little Flower

Out in the field; enjoy!