Print – We are together in the otherness of each other, Zine issue #1, May 2019


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Debuts May 9, 2019 – Pre-Order Now – Ships Thursday, May 9th!

Inside this issue:

  • The art of Samuel L. Paden; including cover art
  • Photography by Jessica Felicio and Nana Andoh 
  • “Aging in Pain”  and art by Mary Lynn Devereaux-Bowman
  • “You, Me, and the Trees” by Colleen Fletcher
  • “Bold, 8 words” and “Black is Bold: living as a bisexual, black woman in the South” by Tre L. Loadholt
  • Reflections of Being a Gay, Anglican Priest” by David Montgomery 
  • Poetry and inspiration/theme article “We are together in the otherness of each other” by Connie Karleta Sales

40 pages including front and back cover,
Full color printed on #80 gloss paper
Saddle stitch binding
Read about each contributor here

  • Ships USPS, shipping included within USA
  • International shipping – please contact first for availability and estimate
  • This is for the Print edition, to purchase the pdf download visit here

*This Zine is a safe place in which raw, honest experiences are shared. Subject matter can be difficult and heavy, beautiful and raw. Please contact before purchasing if you have any questions.

Please Review:

paint much love, always,
Connie Karleta Sales
a.k.a. This Crooked Little flower

Connie Karleta Sales

artist, poet, educator, public speaker and thriver! Smiles and unpaved roads are the way I roll :D

2 thoughts on “Print – We are together in the otherness of each other, Zine issue #1, May 2019

  1. Yes!!! My copy arrived today and I will be purchasing three more soon. It’s such a beautiful sight to see and hold in my hands. Peace and blessings, Connie and thank you so much!

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