She dreamed of simple things in color-graphite lines of charcoal

she battled on
for she dreamed
of the simple things.

Curious Smiles

she is the apple fruit
and shadows burdening;
sweetly they drift;
her shadows,
felling insecurities of night’s unobscured heaviness.

and curiously she smirks
shadows under her
drifting cavity.
a being.
with visions;
visions of kindred blindness.

Covered Heart soul standing, 20 x 16, ink, graphite, charcoal, paper, unframed

Covered Heart Soul Standing

The rain falls hard on her shoulders
but not her face.
She needs to hear her strength.
Self Portrait
Mirror Observation
Memory Study

Why Crooked Little Flower

Watching a little flower, crooked on her stem, just singing in the wind;

not broken, not breaking; but singing and swaying,

among all the other wild flowers; not alone but in her community.