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Where We Are

neither I sit;
restless I tremble.

water’s silence
spring parades

in the shade-cast room
behind glass veiled curtain

I, road of forgotten
dreaming fingers

where we are

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#wheelchairwednesday, Art, Figurative, Poetry, Writing

Deafening Silence; redemption painted in yellow hue

We went for a walk today.  
together.  He pushed me.
and we enjoyed
silver-haired squirrels
and turtles at water’s edge.
is this redemption; the acceptance? 

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#wheelchairwednesday, Creative Non-Fiction, Writing

Why Crooked Little Flower

Watching a little flower, crooked on her stem, just singing in the wind;

not broken, not breaking; but singing and swaying,

among all the other wild flowers; not alone but in her community.

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