To Heal

drips may fall violently from his kiss
but those wounds do not bleed until they heal. . .

Scarring bonds
Foundation’s bridge
I darn my lips
thread bares’ edge

held as harmless
violence falls
anxious quiver’s
intoxicant cure.

heartbroken anguish
pools dry
scabbed as I am
bonds mending

terse muscle builds
head high turning

heels a dervish magic
walks away.

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Curious Smiles

she is the apple fruit
and shadows burdening;
sweetly they drift;
her shadows,
felling insecurities of night’s unobscured heaviness.

and curiously she smirks
shadows under her
drifting cavity.
a being.
with visions;
visions of kindred blindness.

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A mission of love, nakedness as a prayer

I am a shadow
hollow reflections real ;
object inside of me

joy-filled light; content;
yesterdays many fought

memory joy extinguished
made bright; again

I prayed I didn’t
Essence of me;
dying but a shadow

an object inside of me.

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