The Studio

Driven by a desire to engage in the feast of the creative process, the communion of conversation, and the actions of love, Crooked Little Flower Studios is a curatorial studio and art center nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

What We Do

*temporary installations with a focus of evolving within the above descriptions (coinciding with TRAC Studio Tours twice/year, and residencies)

*Studio Zine – published twice a year, May and September

*workshops and creative conversations with a focus on intuitive and contemplative approaches to observation and the creative process.

*Under the auspices of Crooked Little Flower Studios continues the Artist Residency started by Tracy Hicks. A gift of time, short term residencies focused on personal and collaborative experimentation.

  • 1-5 week residencies
  • Housing and work space provided
  • Travel – at this time, travel is unable to be covered. We are committed to helping future residents research other funding possibilities such as but not limited to grants/scholarships.  The long term goal of the residency as per Tracy’s wishes, is a fully endowed residency in which the gift of time really means a complete gift of time where travel, live/work space, a materials stipend, and food.  His desire was to provide an artist with the ability to concentrate without disruption; including the everyday responsibilities of cooking, bills, phone calls and correspondence. He desired for each resident to engage with the community at large but did not make it a requirement. Collaboration was hopeful, but also, not a requirement.
  • It is the long-term goal to create a residency program as Tracy desired and intended. This is his residency. We are merely a steward.

*And the home and studio of Connie Karleta Sales; artist, poet, educator/advocate, public speaker.

Join the Journey, grab a ‘cuppa joe’ and enjoy! as the whisper becomes a song; a soul song; singing.

paint much love, always,
Connie Karleta Sales
a.k.a. This Crooked Little Flower

Resident Artist, Connie Karleta Sales with Tracy Hicks, Fall 2013©Tracy Hicks
Resident Artist, Connie Karleta Sales with Tracy Hicks, Fall 2013©Tracy Hicks