Landscape and Memory

Communities, that engage their members, preserve and protect both culture and object for future enjoyment, study, interpretation, and relationship; ultimately improving overall quality of life for all members.

Pilot Program:
~Basic watercolor and drawing techniques were presented, as well as how to prepare and utilize your plein air pack.
~We discussed best artistic practices in the context of “leave no trace”.
~Particular attention was given to choice of perspective, composition, gesture, and other elements of design within the context of the Snake River Canyon Historical landscape.
~Background information was provided on the integration of art and science by means of articles, essays, books, and other resource material.
~We wrapped up with group critique/discussion.

Landscape and memory
Landscape and memory, Snake River Canyon, Idaho, 2016

(Original Workshops made possible through Canyon County Historical Preservation Funding administered through Southwest Idaho RC&D; as part of An Alternative Spring Break Experience, 2016)

My thanks and gratitude for the opportunity to present within the Alternative Spring Break Experience.