Who am I

©Connie Karleta Sales
Child Cave, 30″ x 12″, charcoal, graphite, ink, paper, CKS, 2006-14

~ I AM ~
~ Outspoken and Unapologetic ~ Elegant and Raw ~
~ A Storyteller; Empowering Beauty ~

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Wanderlust ~ Crooked Little Flower ~ Visual Poetry

Slipping between thin spaces, I explore the intersections of creativity, spirituality, and social action.  Part of my work is rooted in telling the stories of our lives; the good, the difficult, and the down right ugly.  The subject matter can be difficult and challenging.  I lived through rape and violence.  I survived cancer.  And now, am learning to live within the new norms of a thus far, idiopathic neuromuscular disease.

As a contemporary contemplative wanderlust; I recharge and soak in beauty as I roam.  Painting in the fresh outdoors and sharing where the green things grow always helps balance the intensity of my other work.

Studio Figure Study, Digital Photography, CKS, 2015
Studio Figure Study, Digital Photography, CKS, 2015

I enter my studio in silence.  I exit in silence.  Visual meditation is a vital part of the creative process.  I have developed my techniques through years of study and practice.  It is all an instinct for survival; abiding and ephemeral studies of experience; past and present; focusing on the simple, beautiful, subtle lines, shapes, textures, and materials of words.

Why do I, Connie, love paper? I enjoy the simultaneous fragility and strength in a piece of paper as it echoes the same qualities of the human soul.

I hope you find your own questions here.  I hope you are challenged and inspired.  I hope my work answers you back with more questions.  And in the between, share it, whatever the “it” is; absorb yourself.

Enjoy and Paint much love, always,

CKS a.k.a. The Crooked Little Flower

Explore the intersections of spirituality, the creative process, and social action. Connie is available for speaking engagements, workshops, and exhibitions on a variety of topics.   You can also commission a completely unique “Creative Encounter.”