Connie Karleta Sales draws intuitively from observation

Celebrating beauty within unconditional love and living

Words are beings of color, shape, texture, and resonating sound. Connie sees words; through her eyes, ears, and skin.  Holes of raw-truth appear and disappear through layers of sanded and burnished paper.  Tears of ink roll gently down; absorbed. Graphite is rubbed into every pore until it smiles.  Rips are stitched together with threads of prayer.

Paper Skins

I am a storyteller;
drawing intuitively from observation;
empowering beauty.

It is an instinct for survival; abiding and ephemeral studies of experience; past and present; focusing on simple, beautiful, subtle elements of line, shape, texture, and materials.

Why do I choose earthy materials such as wood, hand-made charcoal, graphite, and hand-made inks? Groundedness; it is the pure joy of standing on your favorite beach, mountainside, or in the garden and feeling the soft, cool, earth between your toes or fingers.

Why do I, Connie, love paper? I enjoy the simultaneous fragility and strength in a piece of paper as it echoes the same qualities of the human soul.

Our work slips between thin spaces.

Rape and abuse survivor.
Cancer; survivor.
Today, living within the new norm of a thus far, idiopathic neuromuscular disease.

paint much love, always
Connie Karleta Sales
a.k.a. This Crooked Little Flower

Paper Skins