Landscape and Memory

Purpose:  Art as Experience, A Sense of Place

creating long-term interest and
engagement in Historical preservation
through plein air landscape painting.

Communities, that engage their members, preserve and protect both culture and object for future enjoyment, study, interpretation, and relationship; ultimately improving overall quality of life for all members.

Basic Program:
~Basic painting and drawing techniques as well as how to prepare and utilize your plein air pack.
~We discuss best artistic practices in the context of “leave no trace”.
~Particular attention given to choice of perspective, composition, gesture, and other elements of design within the context of the Historical landscape (urban/rural).
~Background information provided on the integration of art and science.
~We wrap up with group critique/discussion.

Landscape and Memory as an ever evolving installation and creative conversation is available for institutions, museums, religious and non-profits organizations; tailored for your needs/desires.

Contact us: here for further details, questions, and inquiries.
We look forward to working you!

Enjoy Connie’s miniature plein air landscapes and micro-poetry here

paint much love, always,
Connie Karleta Sales
a.k.a. This Crooked Little Flower

(Original Workshops made possible through Canyon County Historical Preservation Funding administered through Southwest Idaho RC&D; as part of An Alternative Spring Break Experience, 2016)

My thanks and gratitude for the opportunity to present within the Alternative Spring Break Experience.

Connie Karleta Sales

artist, poet, educator, public speaker and thriver! Smiles and unpaved roads are the way I roll :D