Why Crooked Little Flower

The Other Side of Normal

Drawing on Collective Experience

One morning I awoke to a lovely response to a poem and tiny painting. It made me realize I never really talk about the heart of where “Crooked Little Flower” comes from or why it is so important to me:

I giggle. The short of it is a metaphor to watching a little flower, crooked on her stem, in my sister in law’s wildflower garden. This crooked little flower just sang in the wind, not broken, not breaking; but singing and swaying among all the other wild flowers; not alone but in her community.

Honestly it is an important metaphor for me. in all my life experiences, I once felt alone, terrorized, and completely separate from society. Somehow I didn’t fit in and thought I never would. with help, work, prayer, willingness, compassion and love, life comes into a beautiful perspective, and the little flower I watched that day; she became me.

Being the visual person I am, I placed the reminder in front of me. Everyday I see those three words and am reminded of all the love, friendship, family, community and I am a part of it; just as I am.

I hope I allow myself to share in a way that addresses these things, resonates with those that it needs too; softens hearts, and simply shares compassion and love in a truthful, honest means. the good, and the difficult, and the down right ugly in life. It is all a part of life. Nothing left behind, nothing is ever to be discarded.

For me, and for my family, “Crooked Little Flower” becomes the endurance and beauty of us all. Rather than just me, she becomes many.  I walk through life listening to people and their stories.  Grief, Horror, Pain, Joy, Gratitude; all experiences and all emotions.

The passions of humanity; flawed and beautiful.  We come along next to each other just as we are.

My Dearest World, I love you.

paint much love, always,
Connie Karleta Sales
a.k.a. This Crooked Little Flower

We are all superhero(s)!  Forging life as it happens.  Together. Humanity.